TELECI Papers by Viktors Zagorskis


19 Fifth International Conference on Communication, Management and Information Technology

March 25, 2019

Paper Title:

Emotions Identification Utilising Periodic Handwriting on Mobile Surfaces


Viktors Zagorskis, Atis Kapenieks, and Aleksandrs Gorbunovs

Research Objectives:

  • To Identify variety of learners' boredom in the learning process
  • To do it utilising handwriting data
  • To identify the potential to increase the Quality of an Individual e-learning process



The Reasearch will help to:

  • To engage learners' reducing boredom in the learning process
  • Stimulate Internal Motivation of Students
  • Increase utilisation of Handwriting Data
  • Improve a Feedback rate in the e-learning process
  • Increase Diversity of Applications - improving the Linguistic Geometry of the Problem Domain

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About TELECI Project

This research has been supported by a grant from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF/ERAF) project “Technology Enhanced Learning E-ecosystem with Stochastic Interdependences - TELECI”, Project No.